Terms of Delivery and Payment


  1. For all orders will be applied the following terms of delivery and payment.
  2. All prices may be subject to alteration without notice; freight, customs and insurance will be charged separately. We reserve us the right to increase the prices in the case of rising raw material and labour costs.
  3. The prices are binding only for one single order.
  4. The merchandise remains our property until completely paid.
  5. Payment is due within 2 weeks from invoice date. For overdue payments an interest of 3% above the actual rate of discount as well as dunning fees will be applied. Longer delays of payment will give us the right to confiscate our merchandise. All costs therefore or, alternatively, for encashment, are incurred by the customer. Unless other arrangements are made prior to shipment, we offer at this time the following methods of payment: prepayment by bank transfer in Euro, C.O.D..
  6. Import and custom duties, if and when applicable, are incurred by the customer. N.B.: this is not relevant to member states of the European Union, since Germany is also a Union member. The goods will be delivered by the German Post (DHL), Hermes or Fedex for overseas shipment, including transport insurance.
  7. All forwarding risks are incurred by the customer. All damages caused by the transport have to be notified to us upon receipt of the merchandise. Any claims concerning the goods must be communicated within one week after receipt of the order.
  8. The minimum order is 50 €. Orders exceeding an amount of 200 € are exempt from freight expenses within the European Union.
  9. Place of contract and jurisdiction is Emmendingen, Germany


Gem Stones are a product of the nature; hence they are subject to variances in colour and structure. The customers are requested to contact us prior to shipment!

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