Gemstone Pendants with Silver Bale

The gemstone pendants are mainly cut from rough stones, that are hunted by myself ore purchased from other rockhounds, generally rare and unique. Exclusively are used sterling silver bales of German manufactors, the subsequent rhodinizing ensures the preservation of the shine.  A small family-run business in Idar-Oberstein drills the stones. Finally the bales are glued in at our own workshop. The sizes of the stones generally range from 1 and 3 cm, the prices mostly from 15 to 30 €, in some cases special pieces may cost more than 50 €.


Here you can see some samples of my gemstone pendants. Click on the pictures for a larger view. Each picture shows 6 different kinds of stones in one tray and 3 trays in one row. Enlarge the view by clicking on them! Then you will also see the names of the stones. 


If the larger view does not open immediately, please repeat the procedure.