About me

Performance and Philosophy:

  • A wide selection of rare and unusual stones.              
  • The stones are selected by hand and checked for authenticity and quality in my own Gem Laboratory. Guarantee on quality and authenticity on all stones.
  • Sustainability: My providers are mostly small gemstone miners or collectors digging without major impact on the environment, remunerated fairly by my company. My gemstone cutters are smaller companies in Germany and Austria with whom I always strive for long term cooperation. I make much of humane labour conditions. Only gemstone cutters processing stones according to the environmental preservation are my partners.
  • Professional advice, especially in mineralogy and geology.
  • Over 35 years of market experience.

Professionel Competence


Clients can have their stones examined in our fully equipped laboratory. I have various top grade optical devices designed to identify precious stones. My equipment consists of a stereo microscope and polariscope, among others.


Take advantage of almost 35 years of accumulated experience of a geologist. Since 1978 I have not only collected stones, but have also gathered much experience in the gem market. You will find only verified authentic stones in my selection. I sell exclusively stones examinated for their authenticity with my guarantee.

Gemological Laboratory
Gemological Laboratory

When you want to visit me…


Look around in our 3 attractive exhibition and store rooms. Selected stones sparkle in various showcases and on diverse shelves. Imagine yourself leisurely enjoying and observing a multitude of stones. My wife and me will be pleased to guide you through the beauties of the nature...


Sexau is situated 15 km north from Freiburg in an idyllic area of the Rhine valley very close to the famous Black Forest, so you have the opportunity to combine your visit with a trip to the cultural and gastronomical attractions of the surroundings. The distance to France (Alsace) is 30 km and to Switzerland about 70 km. In the case you need accommodations, we can make reservations for you.


Directions: From Emmendingen, in Sexau around the roundabout (traffic circle) bear left in the direction of „Freiamt“. After 800 m. (meters) our house is on the right. A parking lot, reserved for customers, you’ll find in front of our house.


Please Note: Because we are often gone to shows, we ask that you call ahead, so that you will not happen to arrive when we are gone. When we know you are coming we can optimally serve you.

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Show rooms at Sexau/Germany